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What should foreigners who want to acquire real estate in Turkey pay attention to?

Posted by NG Net on 13 June 2022

• Mortgage, hypotec (in Turkish “ipotek”) lien, etc., on the immovable. Issues such as whether there is the relevant Land Registry Office should check a restriction or an obstacle to the sale of the immovable.

• In case of rejection of the application to acquire immovable property, an appeal can be made to the Regional Directorate to which the Land Registry Directorate is affiliated.

• It is recommended not to work with people or companies that are not known to be experts and reliable.

• A residence permit is not required for the foreigner to acquire real estate in Turkey.

In case of any dispute between the parties regarding the acquisition of immovable property, the situation should be referred to the judicial authorities and a lawsuit should be filed in the courts of the Republic of Turkey.

• Do I need a translation of the passport? Turkish translation of passports and foreign country identity documents in which alphabets other than the Latin alphabet are used are requested by the Land Registry Directorate if deemed necessary. Still, the Turkish translation of passports or country IDs issued according to the Latin alphabet is not required.

• In the applications in the relevant land registry directorates for the acquisition of immovable, foreigners whose immovable acquisitions are subject to a residence permit must keep the original or a certified copy of a power of attorney together with their translations. In case they take action by proxy based on a power of attorney issued from abroad. Before making sales contracts, matters such as whether the immovable is registered with limited fundamental rights, whether it is mortgaged, or any situation that prevents its sale, should be checked by the relevant Land Registry Office.

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