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What is Title Deed?

Posted by NG Net on 13 June 2022

It is an official document issued by the land registry directorate, showing the owner of a specific part of the land or an independent section built on it, valid until proven otherwise.

There are three different types of title deeds for real estate. These are condominium servitude deed, condominium deed, and share deed.

The floor Easement Title deed is called Kat İrtifaklı Tapu in Turkey. It was issued for the buildings that have not yet started and are in the construction phase. The Land Registry Directorate registers the land under construction. The official title deed document issued to show the rights holders’ shares in the land is called the title deed with condominium servitude. The building with the title deed with floor Easement Title deed is registered with the Land Registry Office; therefore, it has an official character.

Properties Ownership Title Deed

It is called `Kat Mülkiyeti` in Turkish. Properties ownership is the term used to describe the private property right of the property owner, which is established on the areas that are suitable for use on their own, such as floors, cellars, stores, warehouses, of a completed building, and associated with commonplaces. Properties Ownership title deed, on the other hand, is a type of title deed that is registered separately on the right holders of each part of a building whose construction has been completed. The Properties ownership title deed documents the owner’s independent real estate ownership.

“The condominium servitude deed of the buildings whose construction has been completed legally and the occupancy certificate is converted into a condominium title deed.” It is the most suitable title deed for people who want to buy a property with a housing loan.

Shared Ownership Title Deed is called Hisseli Tapu,

3 – Shared Title Deed is the official document in which the numbers and names of the shareholders with a share in any property are evident. In the share deed, the shares of the shareholders are not visible in the total area; In other words, it is unclear which area belongs to whom in this deed document. Everyone has a common share in the property. Shareholders make the divisions of residences by consent-i partition, that is, apportionment.

To own a property, you must first learn the title deed type of the property you want to buy and make your plans and investments accordingly.

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