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Strong passport with right of passage, position in the world’s economic center, and financial with its mobility and legal structure by universal norms, Turkey has more and more investors every year. With its vital infrastructure and superstructure, Turkey advanced transportation facilities, visa-free and freely available to many countries. With NG NET GROUP, it is easier than ever to have a Turkish passport.

According to the investor citizenship program, this amount changed to $400,000 in June 2022. Therefore,  with a real estate investment worth $500,000 or your spouse and children can get Turkish citizenship in a short time. In addition, you will also be eligible to apply for the EB5 US Investor Residency Program with a Republic of Turkey passport.

As NG NET GROUP, we have provided investor financial, legal, investment and management consulting services for over 30 years. For the past 15 years, we have been the office of foreign investors in Turkey. We provide fast, efficient, and reliable service to our guests in Turkish, English, Arabic, Persian, French, and Russian.

We are very close to you with our partners all over Turkey and many parts of the world. By offering you various legal programs on Turkish “Investor Citizen.” Our 30-member team is active in advocacy, financial and investment consulting and management, real estate, independent auditing, translation, and support services in three branches in Istanbul. We provide you with all kinds of legal support about the Investor Turkish Citizenship Program, make your application quickly with your power of attorney, and keep you informed by following your process carefully. We bring you the opportunity, privilege, and credit, so you do not need to be in Turkey in this citizenship program.

If the investor is divorced and there is a child from their divorced spouse who will apply for citizenship together, a consent letter must be obtained from the divorced spouse for citizenship procedures. Like a power of attorney, the letter of consent can be obtained from the notary public or the Turkish representatives abroad.

With the 12th article of the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901, foreign investors were allowed to acquire Turkish citizenship exceptionally. By number 106 of Article 21st of the Implementing Regulations of Presidential Decision dated 18.09.2018, new amendment arrangements were made concerning the amounts specified in the article.

In this context:

❖Making a fixed capital investment of at least 500.000 USD or equivalent in foreign currency or equivalent Turkish Lira,

❖By purchasing the real estate worth at least 400.000 USD or equivalent in foreign currency or Turkish Lira, or by issuing a preliminary sales contract, an annotation is put in the land registry records that it will not be sold for three years.

❖ Creating employment for at least 50 people

❖Purchased government debt instruments for at least 500,000 USD or equivalent in foreign currency or Turkish Lira and committed to keeping them for three years.

❖ Committing to deposit at least 500,000 US Dollars or equivalent foreign currency or equivalent Turkish Lira deposits in banks operating in Turkey and keep them for three years

❖ Purchases a real estate investment fund participation share or a venture capital investment fund participation share in the amount of at least 500.000 USD or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish Lira and commits to keeping it for three years

With the Investor Citizenship Program, foreign investors will soon experience the privileges of the Turkish Passport with their families. All you need to do for this is to contact us and send the necessary information and documents.

The necessary Information and Documents:

  • Power of attorney: You can get a power of attorney from any notary public in Turkey, or you can get it from Turkey’s overseas representatives (consulate or embassy). We will assist you regarding the content of your power of attorney and the process. If the application will be made on real estate and the real estate has not been acquired yet, we will be happy to provide you with real estate consultancy services.
  • Photocopies of title deeds and payment receipts after acquisition.
  • All family members’ passport copies 
  • 4 biometric photographs of all family members
  • A bank certificate or document of conformity if there is any
  • C. Tax identification number if there is any
  • Photocopy each family member’s residence or work permit card if available.
  • Birth certificate or birth certificate of each family member (It must be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of origin and apostilled by the Turkish representation).
  • Marriage certificate if the applicants are married (by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of origin). It must be approved and apostilled by the Turkish mission).
  • Consent


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