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More Information about transportation in Istanbul

Posted by Eren on 9 August 2022

One of the things that people coming to Istanbul are interested in is learning more about transportation in Istanbul to facilitate the process of moving within the city.

Let’s watch NG Net Real Estate’s video about getting around the city and how to use its transportation.
Istanbul has an area of ​​about 5,300 square kilometers, divided into two sides, the East Asian and the West European, separated by the Bosphorus Strait that connects the city.

Many bridges make it easier for citizens to move between the two sides. Istanbul includes a large, huge, and diverse transportation network. You will find the minibus, the autobus, the metro, the Metrobus, and the tramway. And boats that travel between the Asian and European sides. Today we will learn about how to move within the city through transportation.

Istanbul Transportation Card

When you come to Istanbul, you can buy an Istanbul Card, also known as “Akpil.”
You do not need to submit any personal papers or documents. You pay the value of the card, and you get it. Then you can charge it from the chargers in all Istanbul city stations.

When boarding Istanbul’s municipal vehicle, it is essential to be familiar with the payment system. You pay a full-price ticket on the first trip, but the second trip will be half price. There should not be more than two hours between the first and second trips.
And if you use Marmaray or Metrobus. You will find a device in front of you. According to the calculation of the number of points, you have used on the paid ticket. Then they will repay you for the rest of the ticket.

The calculation system of Metrobus and Marmara Metro stations differs from other transportation methods in Istanbul Municipality. Where the number of stations is divided into different sections, start with a stop. Then three stations, then the third section from 4 to 9 stations. Then the fourth section of 10 to 15 stations. And so on until the last proportion consists of 34 to 43 stations. Each section has a different price for the ticket value you pay. The first token is the lowest, and the second is the full ticket.

Istanbul Transportation App

You can use the Istanbul Municipality application to find which means of transportation you need. There are also the names of the stations and how to reach the desired place.
This green button indicates your location. You can also specify how to get to your destination. In the blue box, press the red button to search. It gives you the results, time, and financial cost you need.

The application is available in the Turkish language. To get the Arabic version, go to the menu option, and there you will find a box for settings where you can choose the language.

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