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Acquisition Of Agricultural Land InTurkey By Foreign Real People

Posted by NG Net on 13 June 2022

First of all, the foreign person who wants to acquire real estate must be among the countries where the acquisition of real estate from our country is determined under Article 35 of the Land Registry Law of the country of his nationality.

A person of foreign nationality can acquire real estate and limited fundamental rights up to 30 hectares throughout the country.

In the requests for agricultural land acquisition permission of foreign people, the lower limit amount of the agricultural land sizes with sufficient income given based on provinces and districts is taken as the basis in the list numbered (1) added to the Soil Conservation and Land Use Law with Law No. 6537.

It will not exceed 10% of the district’s surface area, which is subject to private property, and 30 hectares (300 decares) throughout the country per person.

The lower limit of this amount changes on a regional and district basis under three main headings, namely Irrigated Agriculture, Dry Agriculture, and Dikili.

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